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How SMART helps you become a firefighter or emergency medical responder.

First, SMART Fire Academy actually isn’t a “school” at all and doesn’t deliver vocational programs.  We are however your key to accessing programs that are best suited for you to gain jobs in your local area.  We assist students seeking to become emergency responders by guiding them to the very best program options available and at the very best prices available.  This helps them achieve their dreams in much faster and less expensive ways.  We know exactly what it is going to take for students to gain employment in cities across Canada and it is our mission to help you achieve your goals.  All courses are taught by industry experts who are working as firefighters in their respective departments and are seen as the leaders in educational excellence by their peers.

NFPA 1001: Firefighter Level I & II Program

The Training Division program is the best choice that will help students complete their certifications at their own pace with little interruption to their daily lives.

Training Division Program – $5900.00 CAD

Part 1 − Online Theory

In addition to the hands-on sessions in part #1, the remainder of the required theory can be completed online at your own pace, from anywhere in the world.  Students have up to one year to complete the online components however most are finished in 3 to 4 months.

Part 2 − Boot Camp

At the end of the local part time hands-on sessions and after the online components are complete, the student has the opportunity to complete all remaining requirements during a 2 week boot camp or third party skills evaluation approved by SMART.  The Texas campus is a completely self sufficient training center where the students are able to complete the training requirements and are also housed and fed in the atmosphere of a real fire station.  Trust us, you do not want to find out what it is like to have to live with other firefighters for the first time after you hired and are coming into the rookie position.  Boot Camp is a tremendous opportunity to build connections with other candidates that truly will last a lifetime.  In March of 2016, students attended boot camp 200 and students from every previous class say they wouldn’t do it any other way if they had the chance to do it again.

Manitoba EMR Program

The Manitoba EMR program is a minimum requirement for EMS and Firefighting positions in Manitoba, Canada.  Successful course completion will allow students to be able to take the Manitoba Health provincial EMT licensing exam.

The SMART Fire Academy EMR course is currently offered in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  The EMR course provides students with eligibility to apply for EMT licensure through MB Health.  This is required for application as a firefighter to the City of Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service, 911 Dispatch Centers, and rural ambulance services.  Students also complete the EMR course prior to contemplating enrollment in a Primary Care Paramedic (PCP) course.  The EMR course allows students to gain IFSAC seals once they complete their Firefighter certification and know if future, more advanced medical training will be right for them before spending the time and money to try it.

There are currently two formats for completing the EMR course.

  1. The part time evening EMR course which is held on Monday and Thursday evenings from 6:30 – 9:30 pm for 6 weeks
  2. The full time BLITZ course which is held during the day from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 am – 4:30 pm
* Both of the above classes require attendance at evening skills sessions at the students own volition until competence of all EMR skills is complete before certification will be issued.

Additional Firefighter Certifications

Often to gain employment with a major fire department or even to promote within a department you are already a part of, additional firefighter training and certification can be an advantage.  Please contact us to learn more about our additional firefighter certification programs such as:
  • NFPA 1002: Driver / Pump Operator
  • NFPA 1021: Fire Officer programs
  • NFPA 1041: Fire Instructor programs
  • and more….

Pre-Certification Courses: Basic Rescue Skills / Basic Suppression Skills

Firefighter training consists of both theory and hands-on training. Some students wishing to become firefighters and registering to take the NFPA 1001: Firefighter Level I&II program through Training Division are also eligible to take the Basic Rescue Skills and Basic Suppression Skills programs delivered by 3rd party agencies that we have witnessed as excellent options to deliver additional hands-on training.

Think of it as additional tutoring that will aid in successful completion of the online theory. Although no certificate is provided, and on it’s own and this course has no vocational merit by itself, many students would relate it to a fun, affordable, and interesting insurance policy. Without it, some students may not have completed the 1001 program successfully.

Post-Certification Courses: Basic Rope Rescue / Advanced Fire Skills / Confined Space Rescue / Interview Prep / Advantage Service

After students are certified as firefighters, many are looking for additional training opportunities in their local areas. These programs are not specifically vocational, meaning that they are not dedicated to any specific profession, however students interested in applying for firefighter positions gain a distinct advantage for participating in these.

Once complete, SMART will compile a Top Recruit portfolio indicating letters of reference for all students in our Advantage courses who have gone beyond the traditional NFPA 1001 training to improve themselves as responders and rescuers. This portfolio will also include the names, information, and pictures of all participants and submitted by SMART as an outside verification and reference on behalf of students and sent to local fire departments as requested by the participants themselves. This is an amazing, never-seen service provided to our clients.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, do us a favor and contact us today to learn more or to register!